About Us

Our hair transplant group has over 22 combined years experience in treating hair loss. We seek the best, most natural solutions to your problem. We entered the field of hair restoration because we love it. We are all passionate about our work and our patients. You will not find a more dedicated and concerned team anywhere in the world. Our staff consists of dedicated exclusively to hair restoration. We are world renowned in the field of hair restoration as expert physicians. We are sought after by many medical societies, physicians, as well as, other hair restoration groups for their knowledge and skills. We accept nothing short of perfection from our entire surgical staff. International hair transplant physicians travel around the world interviewing other physicians and attending hair loss/restoration meetings in hope of bringing the latest developments to their patients. You can rest assured that only the most advanced procedures and practices are available at the "International Hair Transplant Institute". Only the most qualified physicians are accepted in the exclusive International Hair Transplant group. This way you are always assured the highest level of service. Please read our web site, evaluate our results, and make the same decision that thousands of patients suffering from baldness have made before you.